Our unique proposition

Comparison of MESH features against the main competitors.

The market analysis conducted revealed that:
● There are almost no sophisticated adaptive façade solutions like MESH in the market sold as systems or
● Germany has one of the strongest industries on building skins in Europe.
● Most of the adaptive façades are bespoke solutions only for special cases and landmark, expensive
buildings, solutions that were designed and built for a specific building.
● In Cyprus and Greece where AAS will start to promote MESH, there are only two solutions that are not
even direct competitive products to the MESH system.
● Identification of a gap in the market: no adaptive façade solutions are financially accessible to the public.

There are no other market solutions that would combine adaptive performance, active control and being optimised through simulation to adapt to the specific building of installation, that would not be in the high-end level, and therefore too expensive for mass adoption by the market in South Europe.

MESH functions


•Modulation of the building’s micro-climate according to the season.

•Friendly & easy-implemented solution for buildings with no insulation, or new constructions.